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Personal Training


Previous Clients get $100 off any package

Beginners 10

Just starting a workout or diet plan? Tone You Up beginner fitness program is tailored to those that are either new to fitness or have not engaged in physical activity in a long time. After taking this training course, you will begin to notice weight loss and that your clothes fit better.  Get the initial motivation and support that you need to kick start your fitness and lifestyle changes. We will help you incorporate everyday activities into your exercise regimen and educate you on the importance of a clean diet. Each beginner program is tailored to the individual designed to accommodate their busy schedule.

Body Sculpt 20

So you are not over weight or maybe just lost weight and want to firm up. The Body Sculpting 20 is a program designed to get your body toned and getting rid of the body fat. Each program is designed to target each individuals problem areas. You will learn how to properly weight train and eat healthy to maintain a sculpted and defined body. The Body Sculpt 20 includes 20 hours of training, meal plan, monitoring and access to the members only platform.

Weight Loss 30

Losing weight is never easy and sometimes can become frustrating. With the help of our fitness trainers and coaches we have put together  20 session packages that are designed help you shed those pounds. Each program is specifically designed to the individual. Aside from the 30 hours of fat burning workouts this weight loss program also includes a meal plan, exercise program for off days, access to our members only platform, 1 month of boot camp and 1 week free of meal preps. 

Add a Buddy

Why do it alone? At Tone You Up we believe your fitness and lifestyle change success is better achieved if you work with a partner. When you add a friend, spouse or co worker to your workout goals, it makes things more fun and attainable because you have the support from your buddy. Add someone to train with you today for only $200 on any package and split the cost with your buddy.

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Trainers and Coaches

Small Strokes

Meet The Team


Cheryl Mullin

Master Trainer

With 25 years of experience in the Fitness Industry, Cheryl Mullin has remained a motivating force for her clients, family and friends. She is a Panamanian native , mother of 5 beautiful children and believes in being fit no matter what and at whatever age. She motivates others through movement and educating them on the importance of making healthy lifestyle changes. Her classes are always fun, high energy and high calorie burning! With her ballet, cheer leading and track and field background she is able to give our clients a challenging and effective work outs that encourage them to become great at whatever they do!  


Steven Wright

Tactical  Coach

Steven Wright is an active fitness enthusiast who specializes in strength training, mixed martial arts and weight training. He was active in the United States Marines corp for 6 years and is disciplined and well versed in military boot camp training techniques. Steven brings his military background and fitness back ground together to offer our clients a disciplined and structured training regimine. He believes that, "discipline is the greatest sourse of fuel for the human spirit and mind."


Chloe Rouse






Chloe Rouse is a key part of Tone You Up because she attends to all the clients needs by connecting them to the right services to help them achieve  their fitness goals. She is efficient in getting clients their records, scheduling appointments and handling the day to day customer service duties.