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Fitness Boot Camp

If you're looking to improve your physical fitness and achieve your desired body shape, we have the perfect solution for you. Join our Fitness boot camp class and embark on a journey towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Our program is designed to provide you with the support and accountability you need to reach your goals. Whether you're a new mom trying to shed post-baby weight or someone with a busy schedule, our classes cater to your individual needs. We offer both online and in-person sessions, ensuring convenience and flexibility. With an emphasis on toning and sculpting the body, our fun and exciting fitness classes will help you look great in your swimwear during Bikini season!


Fitness Boot Camp Classes

Session 1
Oct 2- Oct 30
Beginner sculpt
Virtual Class Only


This class is designed to help you get back to an active lifestyle if you have been inactive for a while.

Session 4
Apr. 29- May 23
Spring Fitness Challenge


This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class is designed to test your limits and help you surpass your comfort zone. With timed challenges, our goal is to transform your body and help you achieve amazing results. Get ready to push yourself like never before in this dynamic workout experience.

Session 2
Nov. 27- Dec 21
Balls and Barbells Class
Virtual Class Only


Start your body sculpting journey by incorporating stability balls, barbells, and weights into your workout routine. Strengthen and tone those trouble spots with targeted muscle-building exercises.

Session 3
Jan 22- Mar 5
New Year; New Me
Virtual Class Only

yoga pic.jpg

Start your new year off right by setting clear fitness goals. This class is designed to help you achieve a lean and sculpted body through a combination of bodyweight exercises, pilates, and yoga.

Session 5
Info Coming Soon
Bikini Boot Camp Begins


Session 6
Info Coming Soon!
Bikini Boot Camp


Bikini Boot Camp is a comprehensive fitness program that aims to maximize calorie burn and specifically target fat burning, muscle building, butt lifting, and body sculpting. This program offers an enjoyable and exhilarating fitness experience that produces tangible and impactful results.

Experience the ultimate fitness boot camp in the beautiful Bahamas! Take part in a variety of activities, classes, and exciting challenges that will push your limits. And don't forget about our highlight event, the grand finale Beach Workout. Join us for an unforgettable fitness vacation like no other.

more info coming soon...

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Shredded in 28 days meal plan


To reach your get-lean goal, you must also follow a get-lean diet. Why? Even if you work out hard for an hour every day, that still leaves 23 more hours for you to wreck all your hard work in the gym with just one slip-up: a measly handful of chips, a drink with the girls or a burger at lunch. Diet is a huge, so to speak, part of the fat-loss equation. It's the backbone of your entire plan, the foundation of a hard body.

Bikini Boot Camp Meal Plan e-Book


If you are following along with our 4 or 6 week Bikini Boot Camp then you are ready to jump start your way to a healthier lifestyle for Summertime! In order to get the results you want out of our boot camp or any workout for that matter, you must start with your diet and what you’re putting INSIDE your body.


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